arXiv Access

A mobile front-end to Cornell University's e-print system the arXiv*.

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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy contains the privacy practices of arXiv Access. It explains the following:

- What information is collected

- Your control over the information

- The storage and security of collected information

- How information is shared

- Updates to this policy


Information Collection and Sharing

Popular and Favorite Articles: arXiv Access collects information about the articles that you view and favorite while using the app. It does not collect any location or personal information. This usage data is anonymous and is only inteded to provide other users with an insight in to popular articles and topics.

Crash Reporting and Usage Statistics: arXiv Access collects device information and crash logs. It does not collect any location or personal information. This data is anonymous and is intended to help make the software more stable and give every user a better expierience while using the application.


User Control Over Information

You may opt-out of all data sharing services at any time through arXiv Access’ settings. Any previously collected data is stored anonymously and is not linked to any person or device.


Security and Storage

Data is stored by thrid-parties who take reasonalble measures to ensure the security of the data collected. Data is not shared with entities other than arXiv Access for use in its software.



The information about the articles you view and favorite is shared among other arXiv Access users in the form of a aggregated list. None of the artcles are linked to a user and no user can identify by whom an article was viewed. Crash and software usage data is not shared and is only viewable by arXiv Access developers make improvements.


Policy Updates

This privacy policy is subject to change and will be updated on this page.

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*arXiv Access is not affiliated with Cornell University, the arXiv, nor the arXiv API.